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Here at Elle's Web Design, we design web sites with original graphics for very reasonable prices.
Some of the sites we design include:
  • Weddings, honeymoon/vacation updates
  • New baby/adoption
  • Personal web pages
  • Brochure sites
  • Business card style sites
  • Multi-page sites for businesses

We make business sites for those who would like to sell some items online but without spending $500+ on a website.

 We have a set price for a business site package, and "a la carte" type prices for special custom services. Please email us for a quote, and if you like, we can even recommend a combination for your particular needs. Include the type of product you want to sell, how many different products you have, and how graphic you would like your site to be.

 Click "Portfolio" above and take a look at a few sites Elle's Web Design has developed. Thank you for your interest, and we would love to do your site for you!


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