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Packages to meet general needs of personal and business web sites are listed below.  Any combination of extra items can be used to customize YOUR site. Email Elle's Web Design for any special needs.

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Six Page Business Package

Includes the following:


(add your domain name and web hosting below for $50)

-All pages are customized with your own text and pictures. Additional pages can be purchased at $20 per page. A six page site includes :
  1. Home page
  2. Contact page
  3. Order page
  4. Product page 
  5. Product page or "About the company" page 
  6. Product page or "Links" page


Professional Graphic Design -All websites are professionally designed, aiding in navigation and the promotion of your company.
Up to 10 Photos/Graphic Images -Other than the Professional Web Graphics, you can supply up to 10 photos or graphic representations of your product/service. I will optimize them for web use. If you need more photos [such as pictures of items to be sold etc.] the cost is $1 per photo unless the site is completed before submission. Then the Update price per page will be charged along with $1 per photo.
Meta Tags -Each page has 8-10 meta tags inserted to help in site searches and search engine placement.
Search Engine Submission -Your website is automatically submitted for listing on the Web's top search engines. Up to 40 search engines will receive your site's url for review.
Updates Only When YOU Need Them -Instead of a monthly service and fee, updates are $10 per page, not including pictures/photos. The amount of change doesn't affect the cost,  it's still only a $10 fee per existing page.
Site Meter -I can get you a site meter for your main page to help gauge visitor information and frequency of visits.
Upload -Unless you purchase a domain name/registration package below I will upload to in your name or the name of your company. Tripod is a "free" server, meaning you don't have to pay them since they will use the top of your pages to advertise from. [See the advertisement banner at the top of "Elle's Web Design" pages, Tripod places those on each page of your free site. There are no advertising banners on a purchased domain ] If you plan to have your business online it's best to purchase a domain name and web space below, but not required.
Backup Site - Once payment is made, a compact disk will be mailed to you containing your completed website. Elle's Web Design will also keep a backup of your completed site for 1 year. If at any time during that year you need your site reloaded you will only be charged $15 for the reload. After 1 year Elle's Web Design will no longer have a backup copy of your site.


Other packages and/or services that could better fit your needs:

Domain Name Registration and 1 Year Web Hosting


I can set up a domain with your name or company in the url ( " ". )  Web space can be renewed yearly at a minimal cost. Hosting starts at 5 megabytes of space, one email and mail forwarding to the email of your choice, and anything above that I can quote for you. Email me with any questions.

[At this time yearly renewal of a 5 megabyte hosting is only $12]


Brochure Site



A one-page site that is just what it seems, a brochure. Descriptive of your business, using your logo or photo and content to be supplied by you. We will also place your email link on the page.

 *If you purchase the Domain Registration/1 Year web host above you can get this brochure site for only $10! You save $15.

Wedding/Birth Announcement



A one-page site with a picture of the couple/baby and content to be supplied by you. Pink for girls, Blue for boys, and Black/White lace for wedding announcements unless other arrangements are needed. This is also a great way to tell where you have registered etc.


  • One picture provided by you
  • Professional graphics
  • Registry info/baby info provided by you
  • Email link
  • Guest book


Business Card Site


This is a special offer, which includes the following:
  • One page website
  • Content (information you would normally find on a  business card)
  • One Graphic/Photo supplied by you
  • Domain name registration and 5 meg. web hosting for one year. (
  • Email link


Items you might want to add to your site for a small fee.


PayPal Purchase Links:
  -I will include PayPal purchase links for up to four items, along with a referral link to PayPal for your $5 referral bonus! $10 [$1 per link/item thereafter]

 PayPal is accepted and recognized online for all types of payments. PayPal is Safe and Secure!


Site Search:
  - A site search window can be added to your pages, allowing visitors to search for specific information inside your site. $20 (for sites up to 10 pages)
Guest Book:
  -A guest book can be added to your site for a $15 fee.
Site Meter:
  -A SiteMeter can be inserted on your main page for a $10 fee.

Email Elle's Web Design for a quote. If you like, we can even suggest which site package would be best for your particular business or personal web page. We would love to make your web presence known!  ~L

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Please read our Terms of Service Agreement